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Industry - Academic Lloyd Interface


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Industry-institute interactions are essential to strengthen the ties for organizing campus placement services for the pharmacy graduates and to generate resources for research and development for post-graduates. In India, pharmacy education has grown at a pace needed by the pharmaceutical industry.. The pharmacy profession comprising the industrial and practice sectors is undergoing rapid changes in India. A profession which was not much popular amongst the undergraduate students is rapidly gaining momentum because of the growing need of the industry. The ever-expanding pharmaceutical industry and practice sectors need clinically and technologically trained pharmacy professionals who can face global challenges and compete with the multinationals.

The pharmacist is no longer a mere dispenser of drugs but has assumed a more crucial role in medication therapy management and as a overall health care programmer. The University has realized the need to strengthen and upgrade the pharmacy curriculum to produce competent pharmacists workforce which is able to meet the growing demands of the industry, hospitals, and community. Therefore, Lloyd School of Pharmacy is continuously working in this area to produce pharmacists which can be immediately absorbed by the pharmaceutical industry.

We aim at giving not only education but adequate training and skills by collaborating with various industries who train our students and provide a platform for an interface between industry and academia.

Various Job-fests have been organized by Lloyd for the placements of Pharmacy graduates of the entire Delhi-NCR region. In 2016 too, a Pharma Job-fest is being organized where following companies are participating as recruiters in Lloyd campus. (LOGOS of all companies)