Lloyd Institute of Management and Technology (Pharm.)

M. Pharma at Lloyd


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The PG – department of Lloyd Institute of Management & Technology was started in 2010. The department is dedicated entirely to teaching & research in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical science. The research here focuses on advancing and understanding medicines and health care and in creating new formulation, for e.g. Drug discovery and formulation science.

The PG programme in Pharmacy, M.Pharm., at our institute gives an edge to us over other Pharmacy colleges, because the students get exposure to the Research at a very early stage. Lloyd is in collaboration with the established industrial research labs of Delhi, so the students get training and placements at the college level itself. This helps them being more competent than their competitors and makes them more suited for jobs after completion of B.Pharm.

M.Pharm. (2017-18 Intake)





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