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Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow formerly known as the Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU), established by the government of Uttar Pradesh on 8th May 2000, under the University Act, 'Technical Education', affiliates various institutes with the bachelors in pharmacy, course. Lloyd institute of management & technology is one of the institutes affiliated to the UPTU, serving as the top-most institutes under UPTU, with bachelors in pharmacy degree. With an excellent achievement & academic excellence background, Lloyd institute stands as the only institute amongst the top pharmacy colleges under UPTU, with a strong placement assurance.

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The Uttar Pradesh Technical University was initially divided into the Mahamaya Technical University and Gautam Buddha Technical University on the 1st May 2010, which was later merged back on 31st October 2013 into a single unit as UPTU i.e. Uttar Pradesh Technical University (the state university ), the university with the maximum number of colleges affiliated to it, in the whole country. With such an area and a population in million makes UPTU (the state university) one of the largest technical university in Asia. Our state university envisions facilitating and nurturing the education and research field by affiliating institutions for various courses including pharmacy. Lloyd Institute of management & technology, Greater Noida, bagged a secure position in the top Pharmacy Colleges affiliated by the UPTU, since years, due to our key goals, set accordingly for every session i.e. teaching and learning resources, graduation outcome, perception, outreach and inclusivity & research and professional practice.

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Each of these parameter is focused for a placement metric, student-teacher ratio, peer perception & healthy competitiveness in the students. Lloyd Institute of management & technology, Greater Noida, helps its every student to push their capabilities towards perfection in formulation development, drug manufacturing technology & pharmaceutical development areas, which are the vital fields in manufacturing the drug delivery systems. Maintenance of regular interactions with a number of Pharma companies for academics, conferences and placements is an exceptionally supreme feature provided solely by the Lloyd institute of management & technology. As the vision of the university is set, the University develops flexible and innovative academic programmes that can actually suit a broad range of students with different backgrounds, helping them to compete at the national as well as the international levels. Apart from the academics, the as per the university suggests, Lloyd institute of management & technology lays a strong emphasis on the overall development of its students with both professional and emotional maturity, who in future would be able to take up challenges in their chosen profession and contribute to the development of our country as well as the pharmacy society.